Terms of registration

You can attend a course as a spectator remaining outside the tatami. Introduce yourself to one of our Steering Committee members and enjoy the course from one of the benches. We will do our utmost to answer your questions.

Discovery sessions

Amiens Aïkido offers you the possibility to take part in two lessons for free after filling in a specific form.

T-shirt and sweat-pants will do the trick for the first lessons.

Open days are organized early in the season to discover aikido.


Registration can be done shortly before the course in the club office at the entrance of the dojo.

To register :

– You must imperatively show a medical certificate attesting your ability to practice aikido.

You will also be asked:

– to fill in a registration form

– to fill in a signed parental permission for teens aged 12 to 17

– to make payment for the year

– to read the club rules and regulations